Career Advancement with ISTQB Certification: Opening Doors to Opportunities

If you are interested in joining an organisation as a Software Tester then ISTQB certification is a perfect platform to help you get a job as a SoftwareTester.Experienced  Software Testers who are looking for a higher salary jobs than the current organisation, then also ISTQB certification helps to achieve this target.

ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board

In the present scenario of the Software Testing field, new technologies and tools are being rapidly developed so it becomes necessary for testers to remain updated with the latest technologies and tools so as to achieve success in the software testing field. So ISTQB certification can help provide that success in the software testing field.   It is a globally recognised certification program which provides certificates to all the aspiring Software Testers. 

The certification is of different levels from foundation to advancement allowing testers to gain a comprehensive knowledge in software testing thus advancing their careers in the testing field. ISTQB certification provides sufficient knowledge  on  Software Testing and all its related concepts which you can utilise in your real world scenario. ISTQB Certificate is not an ordinary Certificate, rather it is a proof that you have thorough knowledge about all the aspects of software testing like software testing life cycles,principles of software testing,test design techniques etc. which can help you to achieve success in the Software Testing field.

Advantages of ISTQB Certification

ISTQB certification provide numerous benefits which are listed below:

  • Better Job Opportunities

ISTQB certification opens the door for Software Testers to get better job opportunities and increases their chances of getting recruited as compared to other testers. Most Software Companies give first preference to ISTQB certified testers in hiring since it ensures that the required skills and knowledge are covered which can be immensely beneficial for the organisation. ISTQB can also give job promotion in an organisation as well as a higher salary job.

  • Recognition in Organizations 

Since ISTQB is a globally recognized certification program, getting ISTQB certificate increases the recognition of Software Testers in the organisations since it validates the expertise of testers in all concepts of software testing like test planning, test design techniques and test life cycles etc. resulting in job promotion and huge increment in salary. Being a world level recognised certification it provides an added advantage over non certified testers.

  • Systematic Knowledge in Software Testing

ISTQB certification provide a systematic and end to end  knowledge in software testing. Testers get indepth knowledge on Software testing types, Software Test Techniques, Test Development and Test Automation. Testers after gaining these knowledge can utilise it for performing various tasks in the organization and can contribute in development of good quality software application for customers  which in turn result in tremendous growth of the organization.

  • Confidence Build Up for performing tasks 

ISTQB certified testers have a sense of confidence developed within themselves for performing any type of tasks in the organisation. The reason for this confidence is the knowledge of different aspects of software testing, latest tools and techniques used for testing preparation of test scripts. ISTQB certified testers approach their tasks with a sense of self belief and confidence thus ensuring a better career in the software testing stream.   

  • Common language for Software Testers

ISTQB being a global certification program for software testers, provides a common language for testers. ISTQB provides all the concepts related to Software Testing in a more comprehensive manner thus ensuring an effective knowledge transfer among testers from different organisations across the world. It makes sure that every individual involved in the software testing project has a better understanding among his team members thus ensuring smooth completion of the task.


ISTQB certified testers have an edge over non certified testers in getting job opportunities and job promotion because it validates that software testers have gained enough knowledge on software testing and its related concepts which can be helpful for growth and development of organisations. ISTQB certified testers can do better test coverage of software applications as a result of which customers get a much better quality of software applications compared to non certified testers. So hurry  up, grab the chance to become an ISTQB certified tester.

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