Refund Policy

GroTechMinds Refund Policy.

1.Eligibility and Timeframe: The conditions under which a customer is eligible for a refund and The time limit within which a customer can request a refund.
(This could include reasons like dissatisfaction with the service, technical issues, or failure to meet specific promises made by the company)
2.Process: Students should request a refund, by calling or whatsapp to  +918009900785 or by email to
3. Partial vs. Full Refunds: 
  • In case he/she attended 2 classes and request for refund with in 2 classes, they will get a full refund

4. Non-Refundable: In case the student has attended more than 2 classes and the complete course is not eligible for a refund.

5.Terms and Conditions: We need proof of purchase like payment screenshots or receipts.

6. Processing Time: The expected time it takes for the company to process the refund and return the money to the customer will be 10 working days.