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Manual Testing Course

Master the essentials of manual testing through our comprehensive course. It covers the basic principles of software testing, different testing ... Show more
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Manual Testing Course

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    Manish Kumar Tiwari
    35 Hours of Training
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    1 Year
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    7 June 2024
    Mon-Fri 8pm IST to 9pm IST

    Manual Testing Course overview

    In our manual testing course, you will gain a solid understanding of software testing fundamentals. You will learn a variety of testing methodologies and techniques used in manual testing, equipping you with the skills to develop comprehensive test cases and test plans. Through practical, hands-on exercises, you will learn how to execute test cases effectively and report defects accurately. This course is designed to provide you with practical experience in manual testing, ensuring that you are well-prepared to apply these skills in real-world testing scenarios.

    Mnual Testing Course Outcome

    Manual Software Testing Tools

    Manual Software Testing Course Features
    Manual Testing Course Syllabus

    Introduction to Software Testing

      • Definition and importance of software testing
      • Software development life cycle (SDLC) and testing phases

    Testing Fundamentals

      • Principles of software testing
      • Types of testing (e.g., functional, non-functional, regression)

    Testing Techniques

      • Black-box testing
      • White-box testing
      • Equivalence partitioning
      • Boundary value analysis

    Test Case Design

      • Writing effective test cases
      • Test case templates and documentation

    Test Execution and Defect Reporting

      • Test execution process
      • Defect life cycle and tracking

    Introduction to Testing Tools

      • Overview of popular testing tools
      • Hands-on experience with a test management tool

    Test Management

      • Test planning and estimation
      • Test metrics and reporting

    Practical Exercises

      • Hands-on practice with test case design and execution
      • Real-world testing scenarios
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      Frequently Asked Questions!

      Manual Testing is the process of testing software applications without using automated testing tools, where human testers execute test cases manually to identify bugs, issues, and ensure the software meets the specified requirements.

      Manual Testing is essential for validating the functionality, usability, and overall user experience of a software application. It helps identify issues that automated testing might miss and ensures a thorough testing approach.

      Manual Testing enables exploratory testing, validation of user interfaces, and a deeper understanding of user behaviour. It can adapt to changing requirements and offers a human perspective on the software.

      Yes , A blend of Manual Testing and automated testing, referred to as Manual-Automation Testing, is frequently utilised to capitalise on the advantages of each approach. Manual Testing is employed for exploratory testing, whereas automated testing is employed for repetitive and regression testing.

      Manual Testers should have strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and effective communication skills. They should understand the software development life cycle, possess domain knowledge, and be skilled in creating and executing test cases.

      In Manual Testing, creating test cases involves identifying test scenarios, designing test cases, specifying test data, and defining expected results. These test cases are then manually executed to validate the software’s functionality.

      Manual Testing relies on human testers to execute test cases, whereas Automated Testing utilises specialised tools for test script execution. Manual Testing is appropriate for exploratory, usability, and ad-hoc testing, while Automated Testing is effective for repetitive and regression testing.

      To achieve thorough test coverage in Manual Testing, create comprehensive test plans, identify all possible test scenarios, and systematically execute test cases. Ensure that all functional aspects of the software are thoroughly tested.

      Our Manual Testing course is designed to cater to a wide range of participants, including individuals aspiring to be testers, QA professionals, developers, project managers, career changers, students, and anyone interested in software quality.

      Enrolling in this course does not require any prior software testing experience. This Manual Testing course is designed for people of various skill levels, including beginners. Whether you’re starting your career or trying to improve your skills, this course provides a solid foundation in manual testing ideas and techniques, making it accessible and valuable to learners of all levels of expertise.

      Our Manual Testing Course runs one month and fifteen days and includes real-time tasks and assignments. This combination of theoretical learning and hands-on experience ensures that students have an in-depth knowledge of manual testing in a short period of time.

      Yes, you will have access to the course materials for three years after the course ends. We aim to provide continuous support to our learners, enabling you to revisit and use the materials whenever you need them.

      Certainly, this Manual Testing Course will enhance your career prospects. By acquiring       fundamental manual testing skills and gaining hands-on experience through real-world   projects, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in the field of software testing.

      Yes, GroTechMinds offers ISO Certification to students who successfully complete the course. This certification is a valuable credential that allows students to demonstrate their acquired skills and greatly enhances their job opportunities.

      The instructor will be available for doubt clearing classes separately

      As an educational technology company, we provide a range of courses, including automation testing, manual testing, software development, and ethical hacking. Our courses aim to offer students technical learning experiences. What sets us apart is that all our courses feature real-time, project-based learning supported by industry experts who serve as our instructors.

      Manual Testing Course

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