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Our scholarship program is intended to provide financial support to graduates and prospective graduates who wish to excel in technical fields.

Skill Development

Certifications serve as trustworthy confirmation of your technical expertise, providing employers with real proof of your abilities.

Networking Opportunities

Certification programs provide networking opportunities with experts, fostering professional connections and potential career prospects.

Career Development / Growth

Certifications enhance career prospects for working professionals, demonstrating commitment to continuous learning and development.

Quick Entry into the Employment

Technical certifications prioritise practical skills, enabling quicker entry into the workforce compared to traditional degree programs.

Industry ready manpower

Certifications, often developed with industry experts, ensure students acquire skills directly aligned with current market demands.

Internship Opportunities

Certification programs collaborate with industry partners, offering internships for practical experience—a valuable transition to full-time employment post-certification.

How It Helps :

Our scholarship program provides an entry point for graduates and those pursuing graduation and help them to learn Industry oriented technical skills. Our Scholarship program is helping graduates from Technical and Non Technical domains by offering   financial support. We hope to create an environment in which motivated individuals, while focusing  on their studies, also prepare for their brighter career in the Software / IT Industry and be ready for successful jobs in the Software / IT Industry.

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Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the GroTechMinds Scholarship program, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Application Process:

Online Application: Complete the online application form on our website


Graduates and pursuing Graduates or Post  Graduates

Recipients are chosen based on academic merit [CGPA or %].

Yes, as long as the courses align with the technical focus of the scholarship.