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ISTQB Certified Tester – ISTQB Foundation Level

GroTechMinds ISTQB Certification Course will lead you on a journey to mastering software testing fundamentals. This course is designed to ... Show more
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    Up-and-Coming Class Info
    Rashi Agrawal
    30 hours
    Recorded Video Access
    1 Year
    Course Start Date
    1 Aug 2024
    Course End Date
    20 Aug 2024
    Mon-Sat 8am-9:30amIST
    1st Mock Exam
    26 Aug 2024
    2nd Mock Exam
    30 Aug 2024
    First Doubts and Session with Trainer
    28 Aug 2024
    Second Doubts and Session with Trainer
    31 Aug 2024

    ISTQB Course overview

    Our ISTQB Certification Course gives you a solid foundation in software testing ideas, methodologies, and best practices. This course is designed to provide aspiring software testers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field. It covers important topics, effective test management practices, and exam-focused preparation.

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      Frequently Asked Questions!

      ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification is a worldwide recognized approval that verifies a tester’s understanding of software testing principles and methods.

      ISTQB certification increases your standing as a software testing specialist, boosts job prospects, and opens up options for advancement.

      Yes, ISTQB certification is appropriate for beginners because it covers fundamental concepts and offers a structured learning route for those new to the subject of software testing.

      There are no specific requirements for taking an ISTQB course; however, a basic understanding of software development concepts and familiarity with testing methods can be useful.

      The duration of GroTechMinds  ISTQB is 30 hours of Live Classes learning.

      GroTechMinds ISTQB course covers a wide range of topics, including software testing fundamentals, test management, test design techniques, and exam preparation strategies.

      Yes, ISTQB certification is recognized globally and is highly valued by employers in the software testing industry.

      At GroTechMinds, we  offer a discount through our Referral Program.

      You can access the recorded videos through our LMS after every session.

      As an educational technology firm, we offer a variety of courses, such as automation testing, manual testing, software development, and ethical hacking course , Automation Testing With Selenium Course  These courses have the goal of providing students with technical learning opportunities. What separates us is that all of our courses include real-time project-based learning supported by industry experts who serve as our instructors.

      ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Course

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