Software Testing

Software Testing

The process or method of finding error/s in a software application so that the application functions according to the end user's requirement is called software testing, this is probbaly of the best reason why we have software testing as one of the carrer in IT industry. To fulfil that reqirement we "GroTechMinds" have started this journey with our telented world recoginised teachers for our students from all over the world. Software testing is a never endinig career or Software testing career will be present in this world as long as software will be getting developed in the world. We all know today the importance of software and how every human is dependable on software this is why we need software testers in the market. From buying vegitables to buying car everywhere we use Software and to make sure the given Software is working. we need Software Testers.To Undersatnd the impact of Software Testing in IT industry one should consider a company which develops something but customer is facing some challanges while using it!!!!!Probably be the end of using that application by that particular user and will be moved to other application that may be developed the competator company. So we can conclude competition is also one of the reason .why we need software testing in IT industry.1. Manaul Testing-Front end testing 2. Manual Testing-API Testing-BackEnd Testing 3. Automation Testing-Selenium_Java 4. Automation Testing-Selenium_Python 5. Automation Testing-Appium(Mobile application Testing)





Please Note: This class is for approx. 60 hours or more, Monday to Friday 7.30 PM IST to 08.30 PM IST. The class will run for approx. 3 months. Man...
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