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    GroTechMinds is a well-known technical education platform that focuses on Software Testing, Software Development, Databases, Analytics, and Cloud Technologies. It was founded with the goal of educating technical aspirants in order for them to gain knowledge, develop skills, and build a successful career in the technology space.

    Why Ethical Hacking?

    There are several malware analysis prospects in today’s market, particularly in the corporate, where cyber risks are important for evaluating software solutions. Ethical hacking is essential for ensuring complete security against black-hat hackers. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are becoming more advanced, with significant organisations becoming targets.  While businesses employ security safeguards, proactive actions and regular updates are critical in this volatile environment. White hat hackers use ethical hacking to protect data, avoid creative data theft, and identify vulnerabilities for proactive solutions. Companies may strengthen their cybersecurity and avoid potential dangers by adopting a hacker’s mindset.


    Ethical Hacking Program Overview

    By The End Of The Program You Will Be Able To Accomplish


    Knowledge of common web application vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), etc., and how to prevent them.


    Conducting controlled attacks to identify security weaknesses and assess the effectiveness of defensive measures.


    Understanding how to exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or data, with the goal of improving defenses.


    Analyzing network traffic to identify patterns, potential security issues, and attack vectors.

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    Ethical Hacking Course Syllabus

    Introduction to Basics of Ethical Hacking

    -What is hacking
    -types of hackers
    -Why is ethical hacking important
    -Security vs. Functionality and Ease of Use
    -Phases of an Attack
    -Types of Hacker Attacks
    -Ethical Hackers
    -Vulnerability Research
    -Ethical Hacking Assignment
    C-omputer Crime

    Foot-printing Active (Tool-Based Practical)
    -Information Gathering Methodology
    -Archived Websites
    -Searching Public Records
    -Locating the Network Range
    -Conducting Active and Passive -Reconnaissance Against a Target
    -Scanning Networks
    -Scanning Methodology
    -Three-Way Handshake
    -Types of Port Scans
    -Using Nmap

    Foot-printing Passive (Passive Approach)
    -Researching capabilities
    -OSINT investigation

    In-depth Network Scanning
    -Steps to Compromise a System
    -NetBIOS Basics
    -Command-Line Tools
    -SNMP Enumeration
    -Discovering Hosts with Windows -Command Line Tools
    -Discovering Hosts with -Metasploit�

    Enumeration User Identification
    -user Osint
    -THM labs

    System Hacking Password Cracking & Bypassing
    Password Attacks: Passive Online Attacks
    Password Attack Example
    Null Sessions
    Kerberos Operation
    Password Cracking
    Escalating Privileges
    Password Cracking
    Hiding Files

    Viruses and Worms
    -use cases
    -ways to create

    Trojan and Back door
    -use cases
    -ways to create
    -Tools Used to Create Trojans
    -Detecting Tools
    -Countermeasure Tools
    -Process Monitor

    Bots and Botnets
    -use cases

    Sniffers MITM with Kali

    Social Engineering -Techniques Theoretical Approach
    -types of SE
    -Use cases

    Social Engineering -Toolkit Practical Based Approach
    -use cases

    Denial of Service DOS & DDOS Attacks
    -use cases

    Web Session Hijacking
    -web fundamentals
    -OWASP top 10
    -htb labs

    SQL Injection Manual Testing
    Web Application Components
    SQL Injection Classifications
    Web Front End to SQL Server
    Manipulating the Input Fields
    Failed SQL Injection Attempt
    Using Client-Side Validation
    Successful Login
    Using a Stored Procedure
    Injection Results
    Injecting Username

    Sql Injection automated Tool-Based Testing
    blind sqli

    Basics of Web App Security
    -web application attacks

    Hacking Web servers Server Rooting
    Web Server Security Vulnerabilities
    Web Server Attacks

    Hacking Wireless Networks Manual CLI Based

    Hacking Wireless Network
    Types of Wireless Networks
    Wireless Standards
    Hacking Wireless Networks
    Rogue Access Points
    Iwconfig Command
    Aireplay -ng Command
    Monitoring an Unsecured WLAN
    Using Aircrack –ng

    Evading IDS, Firewall
    -nmap flags
    -use cases
    -whitelisting vs blacklisting

    -symmetric encryption
    -assymetric encryption

    Penetration Testing: Basics
    -ttp’s (tools , techniques, procedures)
    -checklist for pentesting
    -hacker101 labs

    Mobile Hacking
    -android Trojans
    -android security

    Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking
    -Fundamentals of IOT
    -IOT security
    -Shodan for IOT

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    Who can Take Ethical Hacking Course

    WIth High Year Gap and aspirant of maternity Leave Can Opt for this course and other working professionals who are interested in software development and automation.

    Ethical Hacking Certification

    ISO Certified Programming Professional and Automation Testing with Selenium assures you industry-recognized certification


    Identified as a Professional Web Security Tester, with adequate knowledge on various web security tools  

    Globally recognized Certifications

    Complement your abilities in Interviews

    Honors your skills on LinkedIn

    Projects a career growth

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    As a skilled professional  with 100% Guaranteed Placement Support, you stand a genuine chance of landing your dream job

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    Frequently Asked Questions!

    With the continuous digital transformation, there has never been a greater demand for qualified cybersecurity specialists to defend an organization’s digital assets. Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and ethical hackers are desperately needed to cope with them. With our CEH certification, you can enter the world of ethical hacking and see your career take off.

    An ethical hacker should be comfortable with programming languages such as SQL, Java, Python, C, PHP, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, and Perl.

    At GroTechMinds, we provide online training so that you can have a solid understanding of the ideas and obtain answers to any of your CEH training related questions. In addition, we provide session recordings in case you need them in the future. Furthermore, if you miss a class, you can refer to these
    recordings to catch up with our course schedule.

    Yes, learning ethical hacking is allowed as long as you are not abusing your talents and are doing so with the agreement of the system or network’s owner.
    Learning ethical hacking can enable you to test a system’s security weaknesses and assist organisations in better protecting their data. A few corporations pay ethical hackers separately to protect their data, but ethical hackers also act as security consultants on their own.

    Yes, a professional break following graduation does not preclude you from enrolling in the GroTechMinds Ethical Hacking Course, which is designed for all sorts of students and provides thorough instruction.

    Yes, GroTechMinds assists students with job placement after the course. Our
    team assists students in locating career possibilities, preparing resumes, and preparing for interviews.

    Yes, GroTechMinds provides live projects as part of our software testing course for hands-on experience in real-world testing scenarios. All of our lecturers are CEH-certified professionals with more than 12 years of
    industry experience. They all went through a strict reviewing method before joining us for this ethical hacking programme.

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