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Software Development Course

Backend Development, the foundation of dynamic web applications. Our course covers all aspects of server-side programming, API design, and database ... Show more
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Software Development Course

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    Saurabh Kumar
    65 Hours / 3 Months 15 days
    Course Start Date
    1 Aug 2024
    Mon-Fri 7:15 AM to 8:15 AM IST

    Software Development Course Overview

    In the fast-paced software development industry, backend development plays a critical role in shaping the success of applications and websites. It involves designing efficient data management systems, creating scalable architectures, and implementing robust security measures. Backend developers collaborate with cross-functional teams, including frontend developers, designers, and DevOps engineers.

    Software Development Course Outcome

    Software Development Tools

    Software Development Course Features
    Software Development Course Syllabus

    Building Blocks of the Web
    – Create the structure of your web pages with the latest HTML5 standards.
    – Semantically code your content for improved SEO and accessibility.
    – Craft responsive and mobile-friendly layouts.

    Style with Elegance
    – Achieve eye-catching designs using CSS.
    – Harness the power of Flexbox and Grid for layout control.
    – Customize your styles with CSS preprocessors like SASS.

    JavaScript: The Language of Interactivity
    – Develop rich, interactive web applications with JavaScript.
    – Leverage modern ES6 features for clean and efficient code.
    – Utilize JavaScript frameworks for enhanced productivity.

    Building Dynamic User Interfaces
    – Create interactive, component-based UIs with React.
    – Manage state and data flow efficiently.
    – Develop single-page applications for a seamless user experience.

    Server-Side JavaScript
    – Build scalable and high-performance server-side applications.
    – Harness the power of Node.js for real-time communication and data handling.
    – Easily integrate with front-end technologies.

    Fast and Minimalist Web Framework
    – Create robust APIs and server routes with Express.
    – Middleware support for adding functionality to your applications.
    – Streamline development with a clean and minimalist structure.

    The Database for Modern Applications
    – Store and retrieve data with MongoDB, a NoSQL database.
    – Flexible data modeling for dynamic data structures.
    – Seamlessly integrate with Node.js and Express.

    – Deploy your web applications with ease on the Netlify platform.
    – Continuous integration and automatic deployment from your repository.
    – Secure, high-performance hosting and CDN for your applications.

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      Frequently Asked Questions!

      Software Development is the process of designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software to meet specific requirements and solve particular problems.

      Definitely! Software development is a rapidly evolving and rewarding career path with high demand, good pay, and possibilities for ongoing education. It offers the opportunity to contribute to innovation, work in a variety of industries, and experience the freedom of remote work. The field’s ongoing evolution provides employment security and a stimulating atmosphere for those who are passionate about technology and problem solutions.

      Our Software Development course is ideal for beginners, students, professionals, career changers, and coding enthusiasts. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to improve your skills, this course gives a thorough introduction to software development fundamentals, making it suitable for a wide range of people with different backgrounds and goals.

      Students will be learning about Eclipse, GITHUB, SprintBoot and Oracle Cloud. They will also be learning about the usage of such tools in real life scenarios and its application in industries. The concepts associated with the tools will be explained from the basic level.

      The GroTechMinds Software Development Course offers a thorough learning experience by combining hands-on skill development with an industry-relevant curriculum.  This course is ideal for beginners, seasoned professionals, and anybody looking for a dynamic career in software development, since it provides networking possibilities, ongoing assistance, and a flexible framework. GroTechMinds helps you gain recognition, expand your professional network, and progress your career.

      Certainly! GroTechMinds provides an engaging online Software Development Course suitable for learners of all skill levels. Our programme includes a wide range of topics, including programming languages, development tools, and hands-on project experience.

      You need not follow other videos and sites for an interview. We at GroTechMinds are conducting job centric mock interviews. In the mock interviews itself we are explaining the type of answers to be given for different questions and also teaching about the kind of expressions to be displayed while giving interviews. Apart from this our GrotechMinds mobile application also contains a variety of mock interviews to familiarize you with the type of questions that are usually asked in interviews. Even during your regular  Software Development Class also numerous interivew questions with answers will be given.

      No, prior testing knowledge is not required to take our Software Development Course. This programme was created to accommodate learners of various levels of experience, including beginners. Whether you’re new to coding or want to improve your existing skills, our course offers a thorough introduction to software development, including testing approaches and practices. Our goal is to support and guide you through the foundations, resulting in a seamless and accessible learning experience for all participants.

      Our Software Development Course has been thoughtfully created to take you from fundamental principles to advanced methods. The course starts with programming foundations and advances to frontend and backend development, database management, testing methodologies, and the use of web development frameworks. 

      Our Software Development Course has been thoughtfully created to take you from fundamental principles to advanced methods. The course starts with programming foundations and advances to frontend and backend development, database management, testing methodologies, and the use of web development frameworks. 

      Our Software Development Course lasts  03 months and 15 days, offering an intensive and focused learning experience. This brief but thorough timeline guarantees that participants acquire necessary skills in a timely manner, making it a great alternative for anyone wishing to enter the profession of software development.

      In the GroTechMinds Automation Testing course, students will have the opportunity to access it for more than three years. This benefit will help students stay up-to-date with the automation testing industry and improve their Software Development Career.

      Throughout the course there will be one on one interaction with your mentor regarding doubts on course related topics, interview preparation , resume preparation and job related issues. You will also be provided 24/7 access and Cross KT sessions so that your experience a tremendous increase in your personality and confidence which will help in clearing the job interview and in turn result in cracking a job.

      Throughout the course, there will be one-on-one interactions with your mentor regarding doubts on course-related topics, interview preparation, resume preparation, and job-related issues. You will also be provided 24/7 access and cross-KT sessions so that your experience will result in a tremendous increase in your personality and confidence, which will help in clearing the job interview and, in turn, result in cracking a job.

      Interacting with students and participating in discussions about the subject is essential for improving their knowledge of  Software Development Course. This is why we created the ‘Crosskt Section,’ where students can interact with trainers and participate in conversations regarding  Software Development  Courses. This interaction will help students in gaining a better understanding of automation testing.

      Theoretical learning of the Software Development Course may not provide a thorough understanding. Companies nowadays are looking for students who have hands-on experience in the field of Software Development. This is why GroTechMinds came up with a solution. The syllabus has been designed to promote practical learning. Students who enrol in our course will have the opportunity to work on real-time Software Development Course projects. When they finish these projects, they can add them to their resumes, growing their chances of getting a job.”

      Yes, after completing the Software Development Course, you will be fully prepared for a career. The extensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and training in industry-relevant technologies and processes are intended to provide you with the skills that companies desire in entry-level software development positions.

      After completing the Software Development  Course, Certification becomes one of the essential factors. Every certification adds value to students’ learning. GroTechMinds offers ISO Certification to students upon course completion. This certification not only allows students to showcase their skills but also enhances their job prospects.

      Upon completion, you will be prepared for a variety of roles, including Software Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Database Administrator, DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer, Systems Analyst,  and Software Architect, 

      Yes.  Non-IT background Students can also start a promising career in the Software Development industry. Basically, Software Development is specialized in a complete way in IT, and having a background in IT will be an advantage, but it’s not a strict requirement. In GroTechMinds we have a structured cycle for non-IT backgrounds and topics are explained in such a manner that non-IT background students can easily understand it, so that cycle will help to learn and lead the Software Development Career for non-IT students.

      Certainly! You can join the Software Development Course even if you have an employment gap after graduation. In reality, the training is intended for people at all phases of their professional lives, including those wishing to return to work after a career break. The curriculum gives a complete overview, allowing you to refresh current abilities while also learning new ones, preparing you for a successful return to the world of software development. 

      As an educational technology firm, we offer a variety of courses, such as Automation testing, Manual testing training ,API Automation with Rest Assured,  Cucumber Software testing Course , Automation Testing With Selenium Course  These courses have the goal of providing students with technical learning opportunities. What separates us is that all of our courses include  Real-time project-based learning supported by industry experts who serve as our instructors.

      Software Development Training

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