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API Automation

Our API Automation Testing course offers a thorough examination of automating API interactions. Participants will learn how to efficiently access, update, and alter data exchanged over APIs while also understanding common testing tools and frameworks. By the end of the course, they will be able to develop and implement broad API automation solutions, as well as use efficient testing methodologies and industry best practices to ensure seamless API management.

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Code, Test, Excel: Unleashing the Power of Automation

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    Saurabh kandhway
    25 Hours
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    Tentative Course Date
    26 April 2024
    8 PM to 9 PM IST

    Rest Assured API Testing Course Overview

    API (Application Programming Interface) automation testing involves verifying that the APIs in a software application work as expected. APIs allow different software systems to communicate with each other, and API testing ensures that the interactions between these systems are reliable, efficient, and error-free with Rest Assured A popular Java library for testing RESTful APIs.

    API Automation Outcome

    Master Rest Assured API Testing Tools

    API Automation Course Features
    API Automation Course Syllabus

    Basics of API
    “What is REST API
    API testing terms
    Path Param
    Query Param
    Base URL & Endpoints
    HTTP methods”
    Basics of PostMan
    “Installation & Updates
    Postman Navigation
    Sending Your First Request
    Creating First Collection
    Sending API Requests
    Creating Requests
    Authorizing Requests
    GET Request in Postman
    Response in Postman
    Request Parameters
    POST Request
    Postman Cookies”
    Mock Server
    “Mock Servers
    Intro to Mock Servers
    Setting Up a Mock Server
    Get Response in Mock Server”

    HTTP Request ,Response and Client Server Protocol
    “Client Server Architecture and HTTP Protocol
    HTTP Request
    HTTP Response”

    Setting up Rest Assured
    “Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured
    REST API Test using Rest Assured
    Validate Response Status using Rest Assured
    Validate Response Header using Rest Assured
    Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured”


    Serialization and Deserialization in Rest Assured
    “POST Request using Rest Assured
    Serialization and Deserialization in Java
    Deserialize Json Response
    Authentication and Authorization in REST WebServices
    PUT Request using Rest Assured
    DELETE Request using Rest Assured”

    Validating Response in Rest Assured
    “What is JSON?
    JSONPath and Query JSON using JSONPath
    Expressions in JSONPath
    Deserialize JSON Array to List
    Deserialize JSON Response to an Array”
    Spec Builder in Rest Assured

    “Cucumber and BDD
    Cucumber -Overview and idea
    Installing Cucumber in Project
    Understanding Cucumber hooks,tags
    Cucumber PICO container
    Cucumber Reports “

    “Creating an End to End framework on Rest Assured with BDD Cucumber
    Creating feature files with gherking keywords and generating step definition
    Adding capabilities like utilities , property files ,Constants in the framework
    Creating a runner class for executing the feature files
    Generating Cucumber and Extent report for the framework”

    “CICD implementation in Automation Framework
    Jenkins Overview
    Idea on build and Release Pipelines
    Creating a Pipeline with Jenkins”

    “GIT HUB concepts
    Creating GIT HUB Account
    Basic GIT HUB commands
    Configuring and Interface Overview of GITHUB “

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      Frequently Asked Questions!

      API Automation Testing involves automating the testing of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to guarantee their functionality, dependability, and performance.

      API Automation Testing helps guarantee that APIs perform correctly and consistently, supporting speedier development cycles and boosting overall program quality.

      Benefits include increased test coverage, shorter testing cycles, less manual labour, increased dependability, and faster problem identification in API implementations.

      Important abilities include proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, or JavaScript, knowledge of API testing tools such as Postman or Rest Assured, and a comprehension of HTTP protocols and RESTful principles.

      Challenges may include handling authentication mechanisms, managing test data, ensuring API stability, dealing with versioning issues, and validating complex data structures.

      API endpoints are URLs that allow clients to access the API’s functionality. Testing endpoints ensures that the API operates as expected and produces the desired outcomes.

      Our API Automation Course runs 02 Months and includes real-time tasks and assignments.This combination of theoretical learning and hands-on experience ensures that students have a thorough understanding of SQL in a short amount of time.

      Yes, you will have Three Years of access to the course materials even after the course concludes.We are committed to giving continuing support to our students by allowing them to reread and reference the materials at their leisure materials at your convenience.

      Yes, taking this API Automation course will help you make it in your work. You’ll be well-prepared to succeed in the software testing field if you acquire essential manual testing techniques and gain hands-on experience with real-world projects.

      Yes, GroTechMinds provides ISO certification to students who successfully complete the course. This certification is an important certificate that allows students to show their gained skills and improves their employment prospects.

      As an educational technology company, we provide a range of courses, including automation testing, manual testing, software development, and ethical hacking. Our courses aim to offer students technical learning experiences. What sets us apart is that all our courses feature real-time, project-based learning supported by industry experts who serve as our instructors.