Python Basic Programs: Learn the Fundamentals of Python Programming

Python Basic Programs: Learn the Fundamentals of Python Programming


Introduction to Python:

This section provides an overview of Python programming, discussing its significance in various industries and applications.

Hello World Program

A fundamental starting point in programming, this section teaches how to write and execute the simple "Hello World" program in Python, which prints text to the screen.

Variables and Data Types:

Here, you'll learn about variables, which are containers for storing data, and the different data types in Python such as integers, floats, and strings.

Arithmetic Operations:

This section covers basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in Python.

Conditional Statements:

You'll delve into conditional statements such as if, else, and elif, which allow your program to make decisions based on certain conditions.

Loops in Python:

Learn about loops, including for loops and while loops, which are used to iterate over sequences (like lists) and perform repetitive tasks.

Lists and Tuples:

Understand the concepts of lists and tuples, two types of data structures in Python used to store collections of items. You'll also learn how to manipulate them.


Dictionaries are another type of data structure in Python that store key-value pairs. This section explains how dictionaries work and how to use them effectively.


Functions are blocks of reusable code that perform a specific task. In this section, you'll learn how to define and call functions in Python.

File Handling:

File handling is essential for reading from and writing to files on your computer. This section covers how to perform file operations in Python.

Exception Handling:

Errors and exceptions are common in programming. This section teaches you how to handle these errors gracefully using exception handling techniques.


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