API Testing Interview Questions: Prepare for Success

API Testing Interview Questions: Prepare for Success



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What is an API?

This question aims to test your understanding of the basic concept of  API, which allows different software systems to communicate with each other by defining a set of rule & protocols.

What is API testing ?

API testing is the process of verifying the functionality and security of an API. It involves testing APIs at different levels, such as unit , functional, load & security testing.

What are the types of API testing?

Learn about different types of API testing, including unit testing, functional testing, load testing, security testing, and more.

What is REST API?

REST API is an architectural style that defines set of constraints for creating web services. It uses standard HTTP methods like GET, POST,  DELETE to perform operations on resources.

What is SOAP API?

Understand the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and how it defines a protocol for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services.

What are the common tools used for API testing?

Explore popular tools like Postman, SoapUI, Rest-Assured, and JMeter used for testing APIs.

How do you test API authentication?

Explain different methods of API authentication, such as OAuth, API keys, and basic authentication, and how to test them.

What is JSON?

Understand JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and how it is used to transmit data between a server and a web application.

What is the difference between PUT and POST requests?

 Differentiate between these two HTTP methods and when to use each for API testing.

How do you handle API versioning?

Explain strategies for API versioning and how to ensure backward compatibility.

What are the common challenges in API testing?

Discuss issues like incomplete or incorrect documentation, rate limiting, and security vulnerabilities.

How do you ensure API security?

Describe methods for securing APIs, such as using HTTPS, input validation, and access control.


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