Credits : GroTechMinds

Technical SEO Checklist

A comprehensive technical SEO checklist to optimize your website for better search engine performance and higher rankings.

1. Audit Your Website Regularly check for broken links, duplicate content, and crawl errors.

2. Optimize Site Speed Improve load times by compressing images, enabling browser caching, and JavaScript.

3. Mobile Friendliness Ensure your site is responsive and provides a great user experience on all devices.

4. Secure Your Site Implement HTTPS to protect user data and boost your rankings.

5. XML Sitemap Create and submit an XML sitemap to help search engines understand your site's structure.

6. Robots.txt File Use a robots.txt file to control which pages search engines should crawl.

7. Structured Data Add schema markup to help search engines understand your content and improve SERP appearance.

8. Canonical Tags Use canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues.

9. Optimize URL Structure Ensure URLs are short, descriptive, and include keywords.

10. Internal Linking Create a robust internal linking structure to improve navigation and page authority.

11. Minimize Redirects Reduce the number of redirects to improve site speed.

12. Monitor & Update Regularly monitor your site’s performance and make necessary updates to stay SEO-friendly.