Introduction to Selenium Interview Questions

Get ready to ace your Selenium interview with these carefully curated questions and answers.

Basic Selenium Questions

What is Selenium?

What are the different components of Selenium?

Explain the difference between findElement() and findElements() methods.

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Intermediate Selenium Questions

What is the WebDriver API?

How can you handle dynamic web elements in Selenium?

What is the difference between implicit and explicit waits in Selenium?

Advanced Selenium Questions

Explain the Page Object Model (POM) in Selenium.

How can you perform drag and drop in Selenium?

What are the limitations of Selenium?

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Selenium Framework Questions

What are the popular Selenium frameworks?

Explain the TestNG framework in Selenium.

How can you integrate Selenium with Jenkins for continuous integration?

Selenium Best Practices

What are some best practices for writing Selenium tests?

How can you handle dynamic web elements in Selenium?

What are the benefits of using Selenium Grid?

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Selenium Interview Tips

Practice coding Selenium scenarios.

Be prepared to explain your Selenium project experience.

Stay updated with the latest Selenium trends and updates.

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