Questions of Java asked in interview

Preparing for a Java interview? Take a deeper dive into advanced topics with our comprehensive guide.

What are the differences between HashSet and TreeSet in Java?

Understand the distinctions between these two data structures and when to use each.

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Explain the concept of Generics in Java with an example.

Dive into the world of Generics and how they enhance type safety and reusability in Java.

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What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding in Java?

Explore the nuances between these two important concepts in object-oriented programming.

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How does garbage collection work in Java?

Gain insights into Java's automatic memory management system and the role of the garbage collector.

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Describe the principles of SOLID design in Java.

Learn about the five principles of object-oriented design and their significance in building scalable and maintainable software.

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What are lambda expressions in Java?

Provide an example demonstrating their usage. - Delve into the world of functional programming in Java and how lambda expressions simplify code.

Explain the concept of multithreading and synchronization in Java.

Understand how Java enables concurrent execution and how to synchronize access to shared resources.

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using JDBC for database connectivity in Java.

Explore the pros and cons of using Java Database Connectivity for interacting with databases.

What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and how does it work?

Learn about the role of the JVM in executing Java bytecode and ensuring platform independence.

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What are the best practices for exception handling in Java?

Discover tips and best practices for effectively handling exceptions and errors in Java applications.

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