Python Programming for Automation Testing

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Credits : GroTechMinds PYTHON Python Programming for Automation Testing

Introduction to Python

Welcome to Python programming! Python is a versatile language used for various applications, including automation testing. Let's dive into the basics.

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Variables and Data Types

In Python, variables are used to store data. Learn about different data types like integers, floats, strings, and more.

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Control Flow

Explore loops and conditional statements in Python to control the flow of your automation scripts.

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Discover how to define and use functions in Python to organize and reuse code effectively in your automation testing projects.

Exception Handling

Learn how Python handles errors and exceptions, ensuring your automation scripts run smoothly even when unexpected issues arise.

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File Handling

Understand how to read from and write to files using Python, crucial for managing test data and results in automation testing.

Working with APIs

Learn how to interact with web APIs using Python, enabling you to automate interactions with web services in your testing.

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Web Scraping

Discover how to scrape data from websites using Python, useful for gathering test data or monitoring competitor sites in your automation projects.

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GUI Automation

Explore tools like PyAutoGUI for automating interactions with graphical user interfaces, expanding your automation capabilities.

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Testing Frameworks

Learn about popular testing frameworks like pytest and unittest to structure and run your automation tests effectively.

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Best Practices

Explore best practices for writing clean, maintainable Python code for automation testing projects.

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By mastering Python programming, you'll be equipped to create robust automation scripts, streamline your testing process, and advance your career in QA and automation testing.